Cursillo Representatives:

At the diocesan level, officeholders include Diocesan Lay Directors (DLD) and Diocesan Spiritual Directors (DSD). The Lay Directors are members of the laity and are in charge of administration of the Movement.  The Spiritual Directors are members of clergy, responsible for spiritual guidance and support.

‘Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God's various gifts of grace.'
1 Peter 4:10



Contacts: Dean & Penny Blomfield Email


co-DLD: Liz Smith Email

DSD: Revd Gary Neville Email

DSD: Revd Linda Boss Email
Palanca: Pam Byrnes Email

Newsletter Editor: Shirley Todhunter
Website: Bathurst Cursillo



DLD retiring : Rodger O’Hara Email
DLD:Susan Turner Email

DSD: Revd Ross Craven Email
Newsletter Editor: Val May Email


co-DLD: Lionel McNamara Email
co-DLD:Sue Ellis Email
DSD: Revd Graham Dorman Email

Palanca: David Lupton Email

Newsletter Editor: Adele Doulin Email


DLD: Tricia Ewing Email
SLD:Lynda Myres Email
Palanca: Lynne A'Vard Email

Newsletter Editor: Harold Luxton Email

Website: Bunbury Cursillo


Canberra & Goulburn

DLD: Mr Steve Daniels Email

DSD: Revd Connie Gerrity Email,
DSD assist:Rev. Doug Newman Email



DLD: Lindsay McKay Email
DLD: Jennifer Merriel Email
DSD: Revd Tom Killingbeck Email
DSD: Revd Lyndon Phillips Email
Palanca: Murray Dale Email



co-DLD: Alan Reko Email
co-DLD: Desley Ryan Email

DSD: Revd Ian Mabey Email
Palanca: Marg Gardnir Email
Newsletter Editor: Revd Lenore Moules Email



DLD: Graeme Young Email
co-DLD:Alison Burgess Email

co-DSD: Revd Stewart Boundy Email
co-DSD: Revd Jennifer Furphy Email
Palanca: Lois Truett Email
Newsletter Editor: Di Jones Email
Website: Melbourne Cursillo



DLD: Helen Fraser Email

DLD:Briam Walsh Email

DSD: Revd Steve Niland Email
DSD: Rev Val McDonald Email
Newsletter Editor: Lynn Mulley Email
Palanca: Lorraine Phillips Email
Website: Newcastle Cursillo


North Queensland

DLD: Dianne Catto Email

Newsletter Editor: Pam Rankin Email

Palanca: Anne Dodd Email


Northern Territory

DLD: Revd. Anette Bailey Email
Palanca:Marian Ah Toy Email




DLD: Paul Doyle Email
DLD:Ms Pauline Hardidge Email

DSD: Revd William Thomas
Newsletter Editor: Jenny McNae
Palanca: Sarah Simpson Email
Website: Perth Cursillo







South Australia Adelaide and Willochra

DLD: Ian Walsh Email

DSD: Rev. Sonya Paterson Email
DSD: Rev. Gary Priest Email
Palanca: Pat Went Email

Nesletter Editor: Janet Marshal Email


DLD: Chris Denegris Email

Palanca: Mrs Karen Hargans Email

Newsletter Editor: Jane Rummey Email
Website: Sydney Cursillo


DLD: Lewis Eyre Email

DSD: Revd. David Le Rossignol Email
Palanca: David Thomas Email

Newsletter Editor: Revd. Frank Lee Email
Website: Tasmania Cursillo



DLD: Mary Pearson Email
assist DLD: Russell Smith Email

DSD: Revd Peter Tinney Email
Associate DSD: Revd. Alan Kelb Email

Newsletter Editor: Jane Bower Email
Palanca: Sylvia Noon Email


 Diocese of South Africa Highveld

DLD: Errol Peace Email
DLD: Gill Andrews Email

DSD: Rev’d Marlene Rodda Email
Associate DSD:Rev’d Nigel Andrews


‘Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God's various gifts of grace.'
1 Peter 4:10