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National Secretariat

Dubbo, NSW

 30 Apr-1 May 2015

 Dubbo, NSW

National Secretariat

Bathust, NSW

 1-3 May 2015

 Bathurst Cursillo's 30th Birthday

National Secretariat

Brisbane, QLD

25-26 September 2015

Also 30th Anniversary Celebration!!!
Churchie (C of E Grammar School)

National Secretariat


10-12 June 2016

Venue: To be announced

National Secretariat

Bunbury, WA

May 2017

Venue: Busselton

Fourth Day Workshops

Newcastle, NSW

11 July 2015

Venue: Lakes Anglican

Quiet Day

Adelaide, SA

18 July 2015

Venue: Adelaide

Continuing the Journey Workshops

Bunbury, WA

5 September 2015
19 September 2015

Venue: St Nicholas Australind
Venue: Mount Barker

"We love you because of the truth that lives in us and will be with us forever."
2 John 1: 2

National Lay Director


I would like to introduce myself to you as the National Lay Director for this current term of office. I feel extremely privileged to represent you and the Cursillo Movement of Australia.

I did my Cursillo Three Day Weekend in the Diocese of Bendigo in 1996. This weekend had a dramatic impact on me and has led me along many paths in my journey with the Lord.

I come from a teaching background and have taught in a range of educational settings both in and out of Australia, and as a Principal prior to my retirement. For many years I was involved with the Scouting Association. My wife Sue and I are now into retirement mode and are enjoying what the Lord lays before us.

I look forward to meeting up with you all at some stage in the not too distant future.

Rodger O’Hara OAM
National Lay Director

23 August 2014 - Canberra/Goulburn -35th Birthday "Big Day Out'!!

Dear friends,

On Saturday 23 August, Canberra / Goulburn Diocese celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the introduction of Cursillo to the Diocese (and to Australia as a whole). To mark this auspicious occasion a 'Big Day Out' was held at at St Saviour's Cathedral in Goulburn. See here for more detail.


24-26 October 2014 - National Ultreya 2014 - Coff's Harbour

In October 20154, Grafton Cursillo will host the 2014 National Ultreya for Cursillo in Australia. For registration forms click here. For more information click here

March 2014 - Sydney Cursillo's 20th Birthday!!

In March 2014, Sydney Cursillo held it's 20th birthday. We give heartfelt thanks to God for the Movement and the effect it has had on so many individuals and their service for God in the parishes of the diocese. To God be the Glory!

1-3 May 2015 - Bathurst Cursillo's 30th Birthday!!

In May 2015, Bathurst Cursillo will celebrate it's 30th birthday. This will also be the occasion forthe gathering of the National Secretariat in 2015. Ultreya! See Brochure; registration form


24th- 26th October 2013 - Grafton Cursillo held it's 30th Birthday!!


National Gathering - Perth 2012!!

The National Cursillo Gathering, Perth, Western Australia
19-21st October 2012

  "For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7

National Gathering - Newcastle 2010

"The Sower and the Reaper shall Rejoice Together"
Cursillo National Gathering at Newcastle, June 2010

National Cursillo was held in Newcastle NSW on the weekend of 11- 13 June 2010 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the coming of Cursillo to the Diocese of Newcastle.

“The gift of the Cursillo movement reminds everyone that we are called to the work of Jesus, to serve in his name”, said Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, Assistant Bishop of Perth as she addressed the Cursillo National Gathering. She went on to ask us…”What has been sown in you by your Cursillo experience and journey and what is God bringing to harvest through that experience and journey? Are your seeds being sown for God’s harvest?”

The Cursillo National Gathering met in Newcastle for three days in June 2010 with up to 200 Cursllistas from Adelaide, Bathurst, Bendigo, Brisbane, Bunbury, Canberra and Goulburn, Grafton, Melbourne, Newcastle, Northern Territory, North Queensland, Perth, Rockhampton, Tasmania and Wangaratta gathering to celebrate together at what was also the 20th Anniversary of Cursillo coming to Newcastle.

The Gathering opened with a welcome to country by the Reverend Di Langham followed by Bishop Brian’s welcome of everyone to the Diocese of Newcastle. Phil Ashley-Brown then interviewed Bishops Kay Goldsworthy, Keith Slater and Brian Farran with his gentle questioning allowing the Bishops to unwrap and share some of their journey, their most challenging moments, and, quite humorously, their most embarrassing moments (none of which will be shared here).

Bishop Kay delivered two speeches over the weekend on the theme of the “Sower and the Reaper rejoicing together” (from John 4:36) and at the Gala Dinner when she shared with us some more of her journey into becoming a Bishop. Bishop Kay called this ‘Turning Purple’!

Bishop Brian reflected on Bishop Kay’s invitation in her talks “to ‘sow’ so that we may richly ‘reap’’, as he asked us “to be on our guard against becoming a ‘monument’ rather than a ‘movement’ as we fulfil our calling to Apostolic Action.” A challenge we must hear.

20 years ago Bishop Alfred Holland brought Cursillo to the Diocese of Newcastle. Unfortunately he was unable to be with us but wrote the following message…“in the late eighties I began to notice some men and women in the parishes who had completed their Cursillo in other dioceses who were exemplary followers of Jesus and doing excellent work in their parishes in Newcastle......Now 20 years later, I thank God for the many individual men and women that have been touched by His Spirit so may Cursillo long continue, My wife, Joy, joins me in all this.”

The Gathering was a time of welcome, fellowship, and community, where we could rekindle our calling to apostolic action as we acknowledged again that ‘Christ is Counting on me’. “I was so amazed at the joy, excitement and sharing of everyone who attended this Gathering; it was a magnificent sight throughout the weekend as we shared together” said Jim Cooper, the Organising Team Leader.

At Bishop Kay’s concluding address she asked “What is God’s future? Whatever it is, be encouraged to continue to grow your gifts, and the seeds that you can plant for God’s harvest. I believe that the spirit of restlessness that accompanies the Cursillo movement will help us devise the new maps needed for living and telling the good news which has loved us into God’s future”.

Bev Birch

For photographs from this event click on National Cursillo June 2010


'Continuing the Journey' - Hobart 2010

September 2010, Tasmanian Cursillo's "Continuing the Journey", a weekend of fun, reflection and spiritual renewal.
Continuing the Journey in Hobart

Continuing the Journey as one, Hobart, September 2010

" We were pleased to welcome the National Lay Director, Alan Reed, from Perth who was able to give us input from a national perspective. The focus for the 42 people present was " Communicating the Vision" to Clergy, all Anglicans and the Christian general public. Emphasis was placed on our need to attend group reunions, Ultreyas and participation in Servant Community etc to continue to equip us to work within our church communities. During the question and discussion times we were able to think more deeply as to what role God has for each one of us. We also had a lot of singing and fun, particularly when table groups were required to build a high structure with marshmallows and toothpicks. We thank God for an inspiring weekend where we got to know Him and each other in a more meaningful way. "

For photographs from this event click on Continuing the Journey, Hobart, September 2010


30th Birthday of Cursillo - Goulburn 2009

In October 2009, the 30th Birthday of Anglican Cursillo in Australia was held in Goulburn, NSW.


The Anglican Cursillo Movement in Australia Turns Thirty

In October 2009, the Anglican Cursillo Movement in Australia celebrated its 30th birthday.

On the Weekend of 14-16 September, thirty year ago, Men's No 1 Cursillo was launched in the Diocese of Canberra/Goulburn at Bishopthorpe Goulburn; a wonderful weekend in the life of the Anglican Communion in Australia.

A 30th anniversary celebration was held on Saturday 3 October 2009 at St Saviour’s Cathedral Goulburn.

For photographs from this event click on birthday.


National Gathering - Melbourne 2008










North Queensland 10th Anniversary 2007

Bishop John Noble (National Spiritual Advisor to Cursillo 2007)
Rockhampton 2007

For more on the history of the world wide Cursillo movement and of Anglican Cursillo in Australia click on history.

'But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'

Isaiah 40:31